Our Standard Playhouse range consists of nine amazing designs at varying sizes and costs to fit everyone’s backyard and budget!

Please Note: All prices include delivery and assembly within 30kms of a Kiwi Cabins Retailer – for more info on this visit our FAQs page. Height measurements are taken from the highest internal point. All Playhouse Models come unlined and uninsulated, some models can be plywood lined upon request for an extra cost, windows come with a clear perspex pane in – with a few exceptions.

The Dairy

  • Area: 1.8m²
  • Height: 1.4m
  • Footprint: 1.5m by 1.2m


The Dairy is a Playhouse designed to be more flexible for smaller spaces and with a little bit of children’s imagination can be transformed into the perfect little shop, toy store, cafe and much more.

The Cubby

  • Area: 2.2m²
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Footprint: 1.5m by 1.5m

$995 – No Floor

$1,195 – Decking Floor

The Cubby is our twist on a Kiwi classic! It’s a simple, back-to-the-basics addition to enhance any garden or play space. With an internal height of 1.8m, the kids won’t outgrow this anytime soon. The two windows can be placed in any of the walls to suit your space. Available with or without the decking board floor. Talk to us about elevating the cubby on a platform base!

The Den

  • Area: 2.1m²
  • Height: 1.6m
  • Footprint: 1.8m by 1.2m


The Den is a smaller traditional playhouse, in a similar style to The Clubhouse. But smaller, without the verandah and with an asymmetrical roofline. It is a great option for a space-saving playhouse for younger kids.

The Clubhouse Jr.

  • Area: 3.2m²
  • Height: 1.7m
  • Footprint: 1.8m by 1.8m (including verandah)


The Clubhouse Jr is the exact same as our best seller, The Clubhouse, but a little shallower, most noticeably with one side window instead of two. This playhouse was specifically designed as a feature product for a competition at the 2021 Waikato Home & Garden Show, we added it to our standard range permanently after receiving a lot of interest in a smaller version of The Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse

  • Area: 4.3m²
  • Height: 1.7m
  • Footprint: 1.8m by 2.4m (including verandah)


The Clubhouse is our most popular of the standard range. A traditional ‘Wendy House’ style playhouse, complete with a small covered decking area and little window boxes. It’s able to be transformed into the perfect little hangout for the kids with just a little imagination.

The Clubhouse Snr.

  • Area: 5.4m²
  • Height: 1.7m
  • Footprint: 1.8m by 3.0m (including verandah)


The Clubhouse Senior is the exact same style as our best seller, The Clubhouse, but deeper. This playhouse was designed as a one off to create a Clubhouse with a larger inside, but we’ve added it to our standard range permanently after receiving a lot of interest in a larger version of The Clubhouse.

The Candy Lodge

  • Area: 4.3m²
  • Height: 2.2m
  • Footprint: 1.8m by 2.4m
  • Mezzanine Floor: 1.2m x 1.8m


The Candy Lodge is spacious and bright, with views out from the windows on both the ground floor and mezzanine. It’s a great space for older kids as it has a taller interior height. It can be easily repurposed into an extra pretty garden shed when the kids get too old and ‘too cool’!

This model is not available as a flatpack.

The Orchard Cottage

  • Area: 5.4m²
  • Height: 2.2m
  • Footprint: 3.0m by 1.8m
  • Mezzanine Floor: 1.5m x 1.8m


The Orchard Cottage is a double room playhouse with a mezzanine floor. This playhouse grows with your kids, the small half-height room and door is great for younger kids and turns into perfect garden storage when they get too big! Meanwhile, the rest of the cottage will still entertain for years to come – just think about the summer sleepovers that’ll inevitably happen!

This model is not available as a flatpack.

The Sheriff’s Lodge

  • Area: 4.3m²
  • Height: 2.4m
  • Footprint: 2.4m by 1.8m
  • Mezzanine Floor: 2.4m x 1.2m


The Sheriff’s Lodge is a playhouse designed with an old western style in mind, great for playing ‘cowboys’ in! With a covered decking space, decorative fronting and a mezzanine floor big enough for a single mattress (for those epic outdoor sleepovers!), this is the top playhouse in our standard range!

This model is not available as a flatpack.

Custom Playhouses

We know buying a playhouse is a huge deal and super exciting for the children in your life and we also know that everyone will have their own ideas of that dream playhouse – we want to help make that dream a reality!

Visit this page to find out more about getting your own custom Kiwi Cabin playhouse and to get a free no-obligation quote.