Garden Arbour

  • Height: 2.15m
  • Overall: 1.8m x 0.75m


Our Garden Arbour is a perfect addition to any garden, A picturesque Garden Bench that fits in perfectly to any landscape. The cutout on the back of the arbour can be your choice of a heart or diamond.

Garden Store

  • Height: 2.15m
  • Overall: 1.1m x 0.7m


This little Garden Store is the perfect storage solution for a small garden, like an outside cupboard!

Looking for the same style but a little bigger? Check out our Mini Sheds, with the same front sloping roof designed to fit right up next to a house!

Find them here

Garden Planter Beds

  • Height: approx 0.5m
  • Overall: 2.1m x approx 0.5m


Our Garden Planter Beds are a well-known staple garden item. Sturdy and very well-built, these are made to last.

Also, available with trellis, see below.

Garden Planter Beds With Trellis

  • Planter Dimensions:
  • Height: approx 0.5m
  • Overall: 2.1m x approx 0.5m
  • Trellis Dimensions:
  • Overall: 2.0m x 1.1m

Square – $420

Diamond – $450

Diamond – $480

Great for growing climbing plants and using as a privacy screen.