We’ve updated our payment terms as of the 1st of April 2021, any orders placed after this date will follow our new structure.

A deposit (minimum 10%) is required to confirm and place your order.

The remaining balance must be paid in full at least 7 days prior to delivery/collection of your product(s).

Delivery/Collection will then be arranged after we have received full payment.

We can also organise layby purchases with structured payment installments..

Layby is a way to buy goods when you can’t afford to pay for them straight away – not to be confused with buy now, pay later scheme LayBuy.

Here at Kiwi Cabins we reserve the right to offer layby with purchases, if it is an option you would like to explore, get in touch by emailing info@kiwicabins.co.nz to see if your purchase would qualify.

We highly recommend having a quick look through our T&Cs for a few more in-depth details on important topics like changing/cancelling orders, deposits, invoices and debt collection/recovery.

As of August 2020, all single-storey detached buildings with a maximum floor area of 30m2 can be constructed without any building consent. 

Any plumbing work still requires building consent, meaning if you want to add anything like a bathroom or kitchen to your Kiwi Cabins building you will still need to apply for any necessary consent from your local council.

If you still have any questions visit your local council for their specific consent rulings or take a look here for general information.

Electrical Work

We have a few in-house options when it comes to eletrical works. Read more about it below. Feel free to email us with any questions you may have or even just to get a price on a potential job.

We can offer an electrical board with a double socket and a light, this panel is then fixed to the internal wall of your cabin and connects via a blue/caravan plug. This is a go-to for an average garden shed to provide a bit of light and a power source as the building does not have to be lined out for this. Price upon application.

We can also work with partnered electricians in some areas to provide a basic wired-in electrical package – mainly including double wall sockets, internal lights and an outdoor light (quantity of wall sockets and lights are dependant on the size of the build). Again this connects via a blue/caravan plug. This is only available for ‘finished’ builds, price upon application.

If you are wanted more complex electrics fitting or a building with a direct connection opposed to a blue/caravan plug, this must be carried out by a registered electrician. In some operating areas we do have partner electricians who will be happy to help, otherwise if you arrange your own electrician we can work with them through the stages of the building process.

Site Preparation

We ask that all sites where you wish to place a Kiwi Cabins building are firm & level.

The most important thing to remember when preparing a site for a Kiwi Cabins Building is that it’s level, if it isn’t then it can cause problems later down the line when the building settles – these problems will therefore not be covered under any warranty that may have been given.

Supplying your own Joinery

Supplying your own doors and windows is a great way to cut some of the costs and personalise your build. We will build around any doors and windows you provide at no additional cost!

If you can drop off your joinery at the Waikato manufacturing workshop, this is our preferred method as we will then be able to measure in-house and build around it, ensuring no mistakes are made and a full warranty/guarantee will be issued (bar any coverage on the joinery).

If this isn’t an option we will need some measurements from you, it’s vital these are accurate as not too much can be done if we arrive onsite and the joinery doesn’t match with the dimensions we have built around! Typically the most important measurement we want is the box size +10mm, but because most doors and windows are a little different we’re happy to look at some photos and tell you what to measure.

  • A few important things to note:
  • – Manufacturing cannot start until after we have received the joinery or final measurements.
  • – We won’t be held liable for build issues if there is a fault in measurements given.
  • – We also will not be held liable for faults in the joinery itself.

Delivery & Assembly

All the prices on our website include free delivery and assembly within 30kms of our Waikato, Auckland or Bay of Plenty sites. Delivery & assembly further than this can absolutely be arranged at an extra cost.

Take a look at some maps here to get an idea of our 30kms free delivery radius.

If you want to find out whether or not you qualify for free delivery and assembly or if you want to talk about delivery costs to where you are, contact us!

Please note for South Island customers, prices at this time will be higher as we currently have no South Island retail branches and products will have to be shipped from our Manufacturer in the Waikato at your cost. This being said we are still happy to work with you to find the best shipping solution for your Kiwi Cabins Product.

Site Visits

If you’re interested in having one of our team members come to your site and measure up, take a look at the groundwork and just generally have a chat about the build/product, then you can contact us to organise a site visit.

Warranty & Repairs

Most of our products come under our standard three-year warranty. Our warranty is not a money-back warranty, rather a service style where if anything goes wrong we will come and fix it for you.

Please note that any warranty given will not cover consumer faults or acts of god (weather, natural disaster etc.) but that we will still come out and fix these faults for you at consumer cost.

Fixes/Repairs are sometimes just necessary, everything from the unlevel ground making doors warp to the kids accidently backing into the corner of the shed when they’re learning how to drive. Who better to fix a Kiwi Cabins product than the Kiwi Cabins team themselves, we know our products – we built them for you, so we can fix them for you. Get in touch today to talk to someone about coming out to fix something up for you.

Flat Packs

Only some of our products are available as flat packs and the prices are dependant on what product it is, if you were interested in assembling your own Kiwi Cabins building then contact us to ask about it. 

We will provide all the fixings, screws, locks etc. that come with your product. Ask us about what you’ll need to assemble your building, but most of the time it is as simple as an electric screwdriver, a hammer, spirit level and a good mate to lend a hand.

Please note that any warranty or guarantee given with our products normally, would not be given with flat pack products.

We advise strongly against assembling a building by yourself, our flat-packs come in panel forms and some panels can get quite heavy. The more people you have helping you, the easier (and faster) it’ll be.

Custom Builds

Take a look at our new Custom Products page!


We have three displays currently; Mantangi – Waikato, Swanson – Auckland, Ohauiti – Bay of Plenty.

The Matangi display is open for viewing 7 days a week and has the largest range of buildings, it is located at the old Matangi Dairy Factory, 452 Tauwhare Road. It is an active worksite located next to a live train track so as you can imagine it has various hazards, if visiting with children please supervise them at all times and as always, be respectful of the displays – Thanks in advance!

If you wanted to have a chat with a team member when visiting our Matangi display site, it’s always best to talk to us first and arrange a time so we can be sure someone will be there to talk with you.

If you wanted to visit the Bay of Plenty or Auckland displays, visit our Contact page to arrange a viewing time, as all visits are by appointment

You can also take a look on our homepage to see countdowns and details of the next few home shows we will be at.

Timber Disclaimer

Timber is a natural product with natural characteristics such as; colour variations, warping, shakes, splits, knots, knot holes, and varying surface finishes.

We supply timber products designed for external garden use, and as such our designs take into account timber’s natural characteristics and properties when designing for structural integrity.

All timbers are checked prior to shipment. Between the point of shipment and assembly the characteristics of timbers may adjust, sometimes this is more evident in pressure treated sections, due to the manufacturing process. Once assembled timbers may continue to adjust to environmental factors such as the weather and load. If you require a smoother finish you may wish to sand some of the timbers, but this is an individual choice. Splits and cracks in wood are typical and are part of the integrity of the timber and cannot be guaranteed against

Looking after your Cabin

Basic tips, tricks and basic answers on how to look after your cabin to get the most life out of it.

Terms & Conditions

Our latest copy of T&Cs, we make sure they’re comprehensive and easy to read so we are all on the same page.

Got a question we didn’t answer?

You can contact us via the form on our website here or email us directly at info@kiwicabins.co.nz

We’re always happy to help to the best of our abilities! Don’t be afraid to ask, no question too small.

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