Extras & Customisation

Below are some prices of standard additions and their prices, to help you gather a rough estimate.

Electrical Work & Site Work is not on this page, to find out information about those visit our FAQs page or send through an enquiry.

Fixed Pane Glass Window$50
Fixed Pane Perspex Window$75
Double Glazed Aluminium WindowFrom $450 (size dependant)
Double Glazed 1800mm Ranchslider Door$1,850
Double Glazed 1650mm French Doors$1,850
Double Glazed Single External Door$1,200
Wooden Single Shed Door$50
Wooden Shed Double Doors$100
Wooden Shed Single Stable Door$85
Wooden Shed Double Stable Doors $135
Dog Flap/DoorPoA
Coloured Steel Roof UpgradePoA
Clearlite Roofing Panel PoA
Fake Shutters & Window Boxes
(Only available for fixed pane glass & perspex)
$45 per Window
Bar Hatch$150
Bar Leaner$300

If something is not on this list get in touch to ask us about it directly!