Extras & Customisation

Below are some prices of standard additions and their prices, to help you gather a rough estimate.

Electrical Work & Site Work is not on this page, to find out information about those visit our FAQs page or send through an enquiry.

If something is not on this list get in touch to ask us about it directly!

Fixed Pane Glass Window$50
Fixed Pane Perspex Window$75
Double Glazed Aluminum WindowFrom $450 (size dependant)
Double Glazed 1800mm Ranchslider Door$1,950
Double Glazed 1650mm French Doors$1,850
Double Glazed Single External Door$1,200
Wooden Single Shed Door$50
Wooden Shed Double Doors$100
Wooden Shed Single Stable Door$85
Wooden Shed Double Stable Doors $135
Fit Client Provided Door(s)
T&Cs apply
No additional cost
Fit Client Provided Window(s)
T&Cs apply
No additional cost
Dog Flap/DoorPoA
Coloured Steel Roof UpgradePoA
Guttering & DownpipesPoA
Water Collection Tanks
(Alongside guttering & downpipes to collect rainwater)
Clearlite Roofing Panel PoA
Fake Shutters & Window Boxes
(Only available for fixed pane glass & perspex)
$45 per window
Bar Hatch$150
Bar Leaner$300
Elevated Playhouse PlatformPoA
Play Equipment
(e.g. slide, rock wall, swing, pirate’s wheel, etc.)

PoA = Price on Application. Talk to a team member and tell us a few more details about what you would like exactly to get a price on these items.